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Welcome to Magmole

Magmole is established in 2021 with a mission of utilizing proprietary AIDD to revolutionize the drug discovery process.


Our AI-based platform analyzes vast amounts of data, allowing us to quickly and accurately identify promising drug candidates. Our highly skilled team has a combined of > 30 years of drug discovery experience and is dedicated to provide reliable end-to-end AIDD enabling services to drug discovery companies.


We work with the biotech and pharma industries to enhance the process of discovering and developing small molecules and expanding the targeting class from RNA, protein to receptor to address high unmet medical need.

Our Mission

At Magmole, our mission is to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry with the power of artificial intelligence for precision medicine. We strive to collaborate with biotech and pharma to deliver innovative drug solutions that improve patient outcomes and quality of life. 

Our Vision

Magmole is committed to revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry with its AI-based drug discovery technology. Our vision is to employ AI algorithms that expedite the discovery and development of life-saving drugs thereby making medicine more affordable and accessible to people worldwide.

Our Team

At Magmole, we believe that the future of drug development lies in the intersection of technology and pharmaceuticals. Our team is made up of experts in AI and drug development. Together, they work to bring the most advanced drugs to market.

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Professor Mu Yuguang

Founder and Scientific Advisor

Ph.D. in Physics and Quantum Chemistry with expertise
in leading AI-driven drug discovery projects. He is currently an Associate Professor at Nanyang Technological Universities (NTU). He specializes in developing AI/ML computational approaches for virtual screening and deploying computer-aided drug design for life sciences companies. With a strong background in physics and quantum chemistry, he brings > 15 years of valuable experience of computational aid drug design and has more than > 200 patents and publication.


Dr. Winnie Wang

Chief Executive Officer and

Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from National University of Singapore (NUS) with expertise
in leading multiple drug discovery projects. She specializes in medicinal chemistry, particularly focusing on designing peptides, PROTACS and RNA therapeutics. With a strong background in drug discovery at Novartis and Cargene, she brings > 15 years of valuable experience in drug design and hold > 20 small molecule patents and publication.

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