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Magmole AI-accelerated
Drug Discovery for

Precision Medicine

End-to-end AI-based Drug Discovery Services

Our AIDD platform accelerate the design of highly selective and potent drugs for Receptor, Protein and RNA targets.

Structural Modeling/Docking

Enhance Structural-Based Drug Design through precision in structure modeling/docking to identify small molecule-target interaction at molecular level.

AI-Based Screening 

Proprietary AI-based screening that accelerate hit identification process in < 4 weeks. Our AI-based technology screen up to 3 million compounds on Receptor, protein and RNA targets.

Hits Characterization

Iteration of experimental data from biophysical and functional cell-based assays.

Small Molecule AI Knowledge Engine

Our engine is a robust scientific data processor trained to establish small molecule targeting Receptor, Protein and RNA to accelerate hit identification process and enable structural based drug design. 


Collaborations & Partnerships

Revolutionize Drug Discovery with Integrated AI Solutions

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